If you’re looking for ways to improve your staff’s productivity, consider using the services of a Boise personal trainer. Personal trainers provide group sessions that not only help get your staff into shape, they also build team spirit. You’ll see so many improvements, both physical and mental; you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this earlier. Personal trainers don’t subject everyone to the same level of training. They know that each person is different and has different levels of fitness and special needs. Instead, they first assess each person’s fitness level and listens to their needs. Only then does the trainer create a program that will challenge each of your employees, but still be within each person’s capabilities.

Everyone will be doing the same routines but will vary by intensity, level of difficulty and repetitions.

The group will do exercises that don’t require any equipment, or require limited equipment, such as calisthenics and body weight exercises. For instance, if the exercise were push-ups, those who are less fit would do modified versions, such as bent-knee pushups or fewer repetitions of regular ones. Those who were super fit might be doing ones that are far more difficult, such as fingertip pushups. Each person will be working toward maximum potential, so each knows how tough it is to achieve personalized goals.

You’ll build plenty of comradery at this type of session.

Since everyone knows how tough it is to achieve personal goals, everyone has empathy for each person in the group. You’ll often hear cheers of encouragement and sometimes applause when someone overcomes adversity and makes it to the next level of difficulty. Not only does the sense of comradery transfer to the workplace, the sense of comradery also does.

Regular exercise helps your staff become healthier and more energetic.

The leading cause of preventable deaths is obesity and regular exercise can help eliminate it. It does even more, however. Regular physical activity improves circulation and can help stave off serious conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. It builds the energy levels and increases stamina. Regular exercise also stimulates cognitive thinking and can make improve overall mental capabilities.

Personal trainers may also provide nutritional information that can help staff lose weight and eat healthier.

Your staff will sleep better at night, which helps mental functioning and prevents the mid afternoon lull in productivity.

Many insurance companies recognize employers’ efforts to provide fitness alternatives and lower premiums. Even if they don’t, improved health, reducing medical cost and lowered number of sick days also save money.

You’ll see a happier staff when they exercise regularly. Exercise not only burns off the hormones created by stress, it stimulates the brain to create ones that make them feel good.

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