Boise personal trainers are great for learning the right way to exercise, help with weight control and even providing nutritional training. However, many people use trainers to help them with their ability to set and keep goals, as well as improving their mindset and keeping stress under control. There are many links between physical and mental health, so it only makes sense that personal trainers can improve both.

You’ll learn to set a goal and reach it.

When you workout with a personal trainer, you’ll start by setting goals. If you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve, the trainer will help you identify your goal and create steps to help you reach it. While these goals may be physical, such as being able to do a specific number of reps, narrowing your waistline by a few inches or shedding some unwanted pounds, achieving the goal can translate to other areas of your life. Success breeds success and a personal trainer can help you achieve your first success that can transfer to other areas of your life.

You can’t stop stress.

Stress is everywhere. Unlike the first caveman whose biggest type of stress came from predators and finding food, today stress can come from crying babies, traffic jams and really bad bosses. Early caveman, just like people today, had the fight or flight response where the body prepared to fight or run. While it worked well for cavemen, it’s not the best way to handle stressful situations today. However, your body still undergoes physical changes when you’re under stress by sending hormones that change your breathing, blood flow and makes other changes to prepare you to run or fight. Since both options are often not appropriate, the body doesn’t burn off the hormones and unless you do, you’re left with changes that can over time create physical problems.

You can change your stress levels by changing your mind.

There are other ways to deal with stress besides exercising the hormones from your body. Deep breathing exercises while in stressful situations can help control your level of anxiety. Personal trainers can help with methods that allow you to control your reaction to stressful situations.

Eating healthier can help control blood sugar rises and dips that help prevent stress and out of control emotions.

Regular exercise can give you a mental lift by increasing the level of “happy hormones” in your body, such as dopamine and endorphins.

You’ll feel stronger and more in charge as you get fitter; that alone can change the way you think about things.

As you exercise, you’ll notice you walk taller due to improved posture. That can make people think differently about you and treat you differently, showing you the respect you deserve.

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