Rhino Cross Fit
At Rhino CrossFit II, our main focus is healthy, functional body movements FIRST. You will learn to move better, in and out of the gym. If you start a movement properly, you are more likely to successfully complete that move safely. This is important in CrossFit to ensure the highest level of injury prevention as well as to encourage full range of motion, building stronger and healthier muscles.

At Rhino CrossFit II, we are a family of “everyday” people coming from a variety of backgrounds and fitness levels. We have athletes and competitors and we have beginners, often in the same class encouraging one another to reach each’s own maximum performance. No egos allowed – just daily effort, growth, strength-building and a ton of fitness fun!

The focus of our program is to get stronger every day in a uniquely challenging and fun environment! Come try a class today!

What is CrossFit?


The short answer:
CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.

Let us break it down!
In CrossFit we train for any physical demand that life might throw at your body. We call it “general physical preparedness”. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that our programming is totally random and we pick exercises out of a hat.

How can you train for any eventuality?
Life is random and arbitrary but our programming is progressive. You need to be strong, so we have a strength schedule. You need cardiovascular endurance, so we train at high intensity. You need to be able to move your body up, over, around or through anything in your way, so we incorporate gymnastic progressions.

Is CrossFit dangerous?
All physical activity comes with inherent risk of injury. CrossFit is no different. At Rhino Boise CrossFit our instructors practice and understand proper body mechanics. You will probably beg us to pay less attention to your form! Our programming focuses on muscle composition, posture building and mobility. We’re passionate about high intensity here at Rhino Boise CrossFit and it serves multiple purposes. First off, high intensity increases your thresholds; you can lift more and go faster when working in short increments. Workouts 8 to 12 minutes are ideal for this kind of training; this means you won’t be performing high skill movements under fatigue!

Can I do CrossFit?
CrossFit is for everyone!