Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp classes will train you daily in the exercises needed to move your body in the way it was designed to move. We put our heart and souls into making our Boot Camp Classes difficult, fun and unique every day. At the Camp Rhino Boise Boot Camp class, be prepared to use a variety of equipment and obstacles indoors or go outside for some good ‘ol tire pulling and sprints.

Don’t be afraid to try it. We cater to every level of fitness and can modify any exercise to fit your level of athleticism. You will crawl, climb, roll, run, master obstacles, make friends, drip sweat, burn calories, build muscle, be faced with challenges and conquer your fears or doubts! Boot Camp is probably THE hardest class at Camp Rhino, but rest assured, our boot camp is for EVERYONE!
Boot Camp specific classes are:

Boot Camp – This class is for everyone! Never get bored in a workout again – these daily workouts change constantly utilizing a variety of equipment and workout styles!

Elite Endurance Training – Elite Endurance class is intended for those athletes that consider themselves elite, plan to race in elite heat races for obstacle races or who just need that extra conditional challenge that will bring them to their absolute max level of performance. Anyone is welcome, but this will be a high intensity class and it won’t follow the same constructs of our normal boot camps that allow for all fitness levels. Please use discretion.


Happy Hour Boot Camp – At any time between the hours of 1pm – 4pm MWF, anyone can drop in and get an instructor-led and designed circuit workout! This program was designed for our “lunch hour” friends! *Ask about our special Happy Hour Membership!

Come take the challenge to try one of our Boot Camp classes today!