Our Promises to You:

1. We promise to offer you a complete schedule of quality, challenging classes that will dare you to break through your limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles (literally & figuratively) and help you to become your absolute best you!

2. We promise to hire and maintain the highest quality trainers and team members who understand REAL people with REAL lives and will dedicate their hearts to helping you reach YOUR goals!

3. We promise to create a culture that is safe, challenging, motivating, FUN, supportive of all levels, and that inspires you train hard and get results!

4. We promise to maintain the cleanest environment possible, but cannot guarantee you will not end a workout covered in who-knows-what after crawling on floors and over walls! It’s an OCR gym. It happens. We don’t know where it comes from!

5. We promise BURPEES. Sorry. They’re awesome.

6. We promise to challenge ALL levels of athlete, from the ultra-beginner to the most elite. If you are training to win races, we can help you. If you are trying to fit into your “skinny” clothes, we can help you. If you are simply trying to feel good and live an active life, we can help you.

7. We promise that everybody will know your name, and we will always be glad you came, because we want to be where we can see that our troubles are all the same and we want to be where everybody knows our name. (Okay… only half of you will probably get that, but we still mean it. Great lyrics.) Point is: We want to know you.

8. We promise to ALWAYS BE OUR BEST, so that we can continue to offer the value that YOU DESERVE.