I would have never been able to accomplish any of this without my Camp Rhino Family. All of the trainers at Camp Rhino are simply amazing. They believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. I think that is why I was able to find so much success there. Everyone is so welcoming and the trainers are all there to encourage you. It never feels awkward or intimidating like other gyms I’ve been to in the past. I actually look forward to attending class. I have lost 55 pounds since I first started at Camp Rhino. When you become a member of Camp Rhino you become a part of a family. My journey isn’t finished. I still have some weight to lose and have many more things I would like to accomplish. My goals for 2015 are to run the Rock and Roll ½ marathon, hit my goal weight, and trifecta again in Spartan Races.

“I have lost 55 pounds since I first started at Camp Rhino”

Body image is as individual as fingerprints and not surprisingly, mine is incredibly negative. To this day, I still see the same unacceptable body. In high school, I had Junior Olympic times for the breaststroke and swam for hours daily….but I hated my body in a bathing suit – just as I do now. Following a series of injuries culminating in 8 knee surgeries, my weight ballooned out of control. I made deals with myself…200lbs is the max…no higher than 225…250 is it…I’ll never have a 3 in front of my weight….312 was my max. Stairs…hated them! Running…impossible! Swimming…exhaustive! Just walking left me gasping for air and sweating. Not just overweight but supremely unhealthy, something had to change.

I knew I had to do something…but money was an issue…or at least that was what I told myself. After months of struggling with what to do to get my weight under control, in June 2013, I received an email from Camp Rhino – the sister to Bootcamp Las Vegas.

Together is how I have continued this journey. Together with my family at Camp Rhino.

Although, at one point I had lost 116 pounds, my motivation has changed. That’s the one thing I’m most proud of…I no longer step on the scale. I was obsessed with that number – weighed myself twice a day. Haven’t stepped on a scale in months. I only care about my overall health, how I feel, my abilities, and that I still fit in my clothes. If the clothes get tight…time to focus more.

I still doubt myself. I ate a donut yesterday…but not today. Today I was focused. Today I ate a healthy protein packed breakfast and went to bootcamp with Will and pulled a giant truck tire. Today I hydrated well…I peed clear (you’ll understand someday if you don’t now). I still have a negative body image – literally see the same body in the mirror – but I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been, and that, I celebrate! Today is the first day of my future…

“Phoebe has lost over 100 pounds!”