The 6 Week Challenge

“If it weren’t for Camp Rhino’s weight loss program I wouldn’t be here. Camp Rhino Boise wouldn’t be here.” – Jenn Arnold


One of the best ways to become a Rhino is through our 6 Week Rhino Challenge!

Whether your goals are for weight loss, lifestyle maintenance or performance, the 6 Week Rhino Challenge will challenge you physically and mentally to become your absolute best self for that 6 weeks.

When you are part of this challenge, you receive:

  • Accountability!
  • Engaging and effective workouts with classes designed to challenge each person beyond his or her expectation
  • Weekly weigh ins and before/after measurements and body fat percentage monitoring using our InBody Body Composition machine
  • Nutrition Coaching powered by Precision Nutrition and coached by our Level 2 Precision Nutrition Master Coach
  • Guidance on how to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits
  • Ongoing feedback, monitoring and support
  • (3) Nutrition Education Seminars
  • (1) Movement Fundamentals Seminar
  • A brand new crazy fun fit family!

Think this is just for weight loss? We have elite athletes, competitive Olympic lifters and soon-to- be competitive CrossFit athletes doing this challenge to drop that last 5 pounds of body fat, build their max performance and gain control over their nutrition!

Think this is just for athletes? At Camp Rhino Boise we understand the difficulties and triumphs involved in losing weight and re-gaining your life! 75% of our trainers and staff have experienced a hard-earned 30+ pounds of weight lost at some point in their journeys! Some of our team has even lost 90+ pounds and completely changed their lives and some are still in the trenches of their health transformation! We understand injuries, busy schedules, sore body parts, emotional and hormonal highs and lows, bouts of laziness or mental exhaustion, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, lack of willpower, lack of support, slow metabolism… we get it. We’ve been there. The only difference between someone “there” and someone who has “been there” is the ONE CHOICE to commit to yourself once and for all! Make that choice and let us help with the rest.