Amanda Myser

Amanda Myser

Personal Trainer; Boot Camp/TRX Coach


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Level 1

About Coach

I am passionate about helping people realize that they are an athlete. I grew up in a small community in Maine where there were no tryouts for sports teams. The value of that environment was that even the uncoordinated or unathletic could participate. Later in life, I thought exercise was only for people who desired a certain body type. I didn't desire to look like a fitness model, so I didn't exercise. However, I found that a lifestyle of inactivity was impacting my mood, and my pants size to a point I would not accept. I tried a variety of fitness programs and found activities I enjoy and can feel good doing. That made all the difference. I believe exercise is essential for great quality of life and it should be fun. I strive to help my clients enjoy their workout and see noticeable progress in their strength, body composition, and stamina.

Turning Point

I wouldn't be where I am in my fitness journey without my husband's support. He suggested I try dance fitness and CrossFit, both of which are my favorite workouts and what I have been able to be consistent with. I encourage my clients to lean into their support systems and invite friends and family to join them for a class or personal training session.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help people who think they can't do fitness realize they can. I love to see the change in people when they transition from being afraid to enter the gym to loving it.

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