Chrisanna Simonson

Chrisanna Simonson

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Personal Trainer; CrossFit Coach

My husband and I have been best friends for the last 6 years of our 19 year marriage.

I have kept my daughter alive for 17 years and counting.

I hiked the John Muir trail

Ran 6 miles in -20 degree weather (Chicago)

Received my Bachelor's degree Suma Cum Laude (38 years old).


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

TRX Skills Certified

Above average roundhouse kick, sufficient jab/cross

About Coach

My athletic abilities are best described as a "Drunk monkey in high heels." In other words, I have to work very, very hard when it comes to strength, endurance, and coordination. While I have always enjoyed being active, I didn't start lifting seriously until 2020. The more I lift, the better my rheumatoid arthritis is. Learning that movement is medicine is what drives me to help others move better too.

Turning Point

Every decision is an opportunity to choose better. Too often we wait for the perfect moment to do better, but in reality, our lives are forged by all the little decisions we make every single day. It took me 4 years to learn to eat breakfast, baby step after baby step I did better each day. It took me 2 years to learn how to drink water instead of soda or juice. I am currently learning how to eat an appropriate amount of protein for my goals. It is never about perfection, just do better than the day before.

Motivation & Passion

There is nothing more enjoyable or satisfying than seeing someone become their best self. As a coach, I am exceptionally perceptive to minute changes occurring physically and mentally. I see the best in you, even when you can't. Your body is so incredibly smart and adaptable, let's work together to see how good you can feel, how strong you can be, and how much fun we can have building your best self.

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