Jack Couch

Jack Couch

Personal Trainer

Squat: 305

Deadlift: 315

Can do a pull up with a 45 pound plate

State champion in Montana for the 50 and 100 meter butterfly

Was the youngest head swim coach in Montana at 18 years old and was competing at the same time.

Had Olympic qualifying times in swimming.


ISSA personal trainer

ISSA nutritionist

Swim America

Master Swim

CPR AED First aid infant/child/adult

About Coach

I was born with a hearing disability in both ears. With it, I have always wanted to help others understand that everything and anything can be achieved. Being bullied for a very long time by peers and teachers I didn’t have much to turn to other than bettering myself by working out. I always loved working out but it was more steered to swim-style workouts for 10+ years. I then had a year to 2-year hiatus from swimming and focused on bodybuilding and with constant research and learning new things there is nothing more rewarding than speaking to people who want to change just as much as you did/do. With swimming, I wanted more, and now having both bodybuilding and swimming in my life I am able to get people to a different understanding of how their bodies can truly work. Tae Kwan Do was a big part of my life. Four years and a black belt later I have learned to be patient with results. Being able to teach anywhere from kids to adults to even the elderly all the skills I’ve learned and show the love and passion I have for the fitness community is a big highlight in my life and my carrier.

Turning Point

I went into a dark time in my early years suffering from depression. I was in a better situation than most but nonetheless, I was severely depressed. It wasn’t until the results I saw with fitness and how my perception of myself changed throughout the years that I really start to break free from the dark time. It wasn’t easy, last over 5 years with no meds no self-harm, I felt as I came out of the situation I was in I wanted to help others understand themselves and shine lights on where it’s deserved.

Motivation & Passion

My goal is to ensure realistic and time-bound goals with the help of making better choices with everything! If there is something stopping you we can get past it no matter what it is I will find a way for you to not only feel better but to help yourself see the limits you have and to push them further and to better yourself in every way possible!

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