Richard Ferrera

Richard Ferrera

Personal Trainer; CrossFit Coach; RhinoKids & RhinoTeens Coach

1996 CAN-AM Police and Fire Games - Gold Medal in power lifting

CF Open 2018 - 2nd in Idaho in Age group

CF Open 2019 -  1st in Idaho in age group

MURPH w/vest 32:17


Police Officer Basic

Intermediate Certificate

Advanced Certificate

Supervisor Certificate

SWAT Academy Basic and Intermediate Instructor

About Coach

I grew up in Idaho and California due to a split family. I played football, baseball, soccer, and wrestling. I was MVP for soccer and lettered in 3 sports. I started a career in Law Enforcement in 1990. During my time as an officer with Caldwell Police Department for 30 years and 10 months, I worked as an undercover Narcotics Officer doing UC work in Boise and Caldwell, I worked as a School Resource Officer for Caldwell High School, Caldwell Elementary Schools, and Caldwell Alternative School. I also worked as a liaison to Health and Welfare doing Child Abuse and Sex cases. I was later assigned to the Major Crimes Unit working Rape, Robbery, Homicide, and White Collar Crimes. I was later assigned to the FBI task force for white-collar crimes. I tested and became a member of SWAT as an operator, gas expert, Entry leader, Assist Team Leader, Team Leader, and Command. I competed in 3 Regional SWAT Challenges as a Team leader. I have been a Motor Officer, Bike Patrol, Police Fitness Instructor, Idaho Domestic Violence Task Force, Services Sergeant, and Patrol Sergeant. I was on the Region III Behavioral Health Board, Crisis Intervention Team, and was the Director of the Community Crisis Center. During my career as an officer, I moved our department over to CrossFit and also would Cadre at the Police Academy and new officers. I was also the Director of referees for soccer. I trained new referees and assigned tournaments traveling most of western Idaho and eastern Oregon for games as a State Level referee.

Turning Point

While working as a police sergeant, I assisted the Sheriff’s Department on a call and was severely injured. I had to have my neck fused, and rotator cuff fixed, along with an ulnar nerve operation. After the surgery, the bone placed in me swelled causing my inability to walk, and was transferred to a trauma hospital until I was able to walk. I was asked to medically retire but was not ready. I returned to work with a medical waiver for no PT. I could not lead my team like that. I worked on getting my fitness level back up and went back to work leading our team. I continued to be our top Officer for fitness and ran several half marathons, marathons, and team ultras. I was fast, but not strong. My brother Todd invited me to CrossFit at CrossFit 208. I went there thinking this is just another gimmick. thinking it will be on DVD in a year or 2. I wore my SWAT shirt and thought I was going to go in there putting on a good show. This did not happen. My 1st workout was Karen, 150 wall balls for time. I was beside a wonderful lady, Bonnie Cruz. Bonnie was 68 years young. I was the last person in the gym working throwing that ball 10ft up. I can still see Bonnie singing and dancing to Michael Jackson's music and her yelling at me to keep going. It took me 45 min but I did not quit. I could not walk for a week. I left the gym very humbled thinking I could probably outrun Bonnie l, but what if I caught her, she would probably beat me in a fight. So my brother got me to CrossFit, and Bonnie kept me there.

Motivation & Passion

I enjoy coaching and PT and have been doing our Police PT since 1994. I still revert back to my police cadre at the academy and have to remind myself to not be so loud. It does not always work. I had a Middleton HS student come to me for help after becoming a CF coach, William. William’s father, Randy, worked on my team and asked if I could help him. William struggled with mobility and speed. He went from defensive line to an offensive lineman and was depressed and wanted to quit. Willie wanted to get back on the defense and had some goals; bench 225, deadlift 300, and get faster and stronger. William showed up every day. 95 lb bench, 135 lb deadlift with bad ankles, and a little overweight. In not quite 6 months, William Bench pressed 250, deadlifted 315, and made the defensive team on the Varsity Squad as a 9th grader. He and his father thank me to this day. As William was in the middle of his training with me, he asked me if I could help his mom, Janet. He told me his mother cannot get out of a chair or the car on her own and struggled with RA, Type 1 diabetes, MS, and other medical and health problems. He told me she was very depressed and barely gets out of the house let alone move around. After talking with Randy, they got Janet to the gym. She came every day except when she had doctor appointments or transfusions. But she showed up in both senses of the word. It was a very slow process and it started with box squats and minimal workouts. In 6 months, Janet was doing almost every workout. She was able to get out of the car and up from a chair. Randy came to me and cried telling me that his wife ‘took’ him hiking which they had never been able to do. Janet later texted me that she had taken a job after not working for more than 5 years. She continues to work out and work in her job. She has her bad days but more good days than she ever thought she would. Our motto is “Stronger every day” and “One day at a Time.”

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