How To Drop-In 🙂

Call 208-576-6410 if you have issues

Due to safety precautions, our drop-in policy has changed. We are now a private gym for members (become a member by meeting with us first for a Free Help Session), however, you can still drop-in to have some fun with us!

Here’s How:
  • To use the obstacles, schedule with a coach here. ($65/hr only $40 to add a friend to your session)
  • You may drop-in for our Saturday obstacle class ($15), but must schedule with a coach to be on obstacles outside of the obstacle classes.
  • Anyone dropping in must either start with a coaching session or join an already scheduled class.
  • Visiting CrossFitters may drop-in to a class or do their own thing out of the way of classes. 🙂 
  • No outside coaching allowed in Camp Rhino Boise without prior authorization. Our coaches have extensive safety training to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • No ‘spectators’ or kids who aren’t with a coach allowed past the entryway on the white tile by the front desk. (we have flying ninjas and barbells!)
  • Please be nice to everyone while visiting Camp Rhino Boise and give our members and classes right-of-way. 🙂 
  • NO TRESSPASSING. Anyone caught coming into Camp Rhino and bypassing the front desk check-in kiosk will be treated as a trespasser.

Everyone Is An Athlete!