We have Child Care!

Nervous to get started? No worries – we start every new participant with a Free Help Session to help you determine which classes are best for you! Get your one-on-one meeting scheduled today!

Teen Strength and Conditioning

(ages 12-17): The Rhino strength and condition program is for teens between the ages of 12-17 years old. It is designed to build a foundation of fitness using movements suitable for teenagers to build athletes in life, sport and fitness. Almost all school or club sports programs require their athletes to spend time in the weight room, but even teens who do not participate in school sports can benefit immensely from learning to move well and life weight properly.

Rhino Kid’s Obstacles & Conditioning

(ages 5-11): A fun and engaging multi-focus class to keep kids active and strong. Each class will include a fun strength and speed focused workout plus a hands-on obstacle training session to learn and conquer various obstacles. These classes start at the same times as some of our afternoon adult classes to give parents and kids the opportunity to participate in their own amazing workouts at the same time.

Teen Membership

Our “Greta Rule” membership, named after a former Rhino teen who suggested it, it is designed for our 14-17 year old school-attending students. It is the perfect supplement to the school sports season or as a stand-alone workout routine. This membership includes most of our adult class options (16+ for adult CrossFit) at a rate that is affordable and takes into account the ever-changing schedule of school-aged teens!

Personal Training

If you’d like extra attention to skills for your child outside of a class environment, schedule a 1hr or 30min Personal Training session with one of our expert coaches.

Kids Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

Your child will be ecstatic about their very own Ninja Warrior Birthday party. Imagine them and their friends learning how to do actual Ninja Warrior Obstacles (scaled appropriately to their level) and then getting to race just like the real Ninja Warriors they see on their favorite show! This is a birthday that will be will be remembered forever.

$300 for 1 hour for a max of 12 kids, plus $25 additional per kid over 12. ANY ages. Birthday party is 1hr and then you have access to a room with a table and chairs if you choose to hold your party on-site.

*Birthday Party availability may be restricted due to COVID-19

Family Open Gym

Family Open Gym is for Rhino Parent & Child Members ONLY. This Open Gym time is especially for a parent & child Rhino wanting some family time on the equipment together outside of a scheduled class. *Parent & Child MUST schedule a personal session with our Obstacle Specialist to initiate their availability for Family Open Gym. In this session, proper safety protocol and obstacle technique will be taught.


Q. Do I need to have an adult membership to sign up my child?
A. No, it’s not mandatory, but why not get a great workout while you wait for your child to complete their class.

Q. Do I have to stay in the building when my child is in class?
A. No. As a matter of fact, it is often easier for your child to pay attention to coaching and gain the most out of their workout if the parent is not watching. You can run errands, take a class of your own, or if you choose to stay, we have chairs up front.

Q. Do I need to sign up ahead of time?
A. Yes, for the Obstacle Class. Our obstacle classes have a MAX attendance for safety purposes, so we require a “day before” registration for all attendees.

Q. Is there anything I need to know before the first class?
A. Yes, your child should be wearing closed toe tennis shoes and athletic clothing for class. Also, the parent or legal guardian will have to complete a waiver either on site or via our membership app before your child is allowed in class. Please contact our front desk for assistance.

Have more questions about what to expect in each class? Contact our front desk and get all your questions answered.



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Rhino Essentials:

Personal Training Kickstart

  • 6 One-On-One Personal Training Sessions
  • 1 One-On-One Goal Review Session
  • 3 Nutrition Coaching Sessions (optional-based on need/goals)
  • 3 One-On-One or Group CrossFit Foundations Sessions (optional-based on need/goals)



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