As “the front desk guy”, you will most often hear me shouting at you to do burpees if you forget to sign in. Don’t listen to me. I got into fitness for the Gainz… And, I started working at a gym because I love how awesome it is to see someone push themselves to do something they didn’t believe possible 60 minutes earlier.

If I’m not at Rhino. You will probably find me at school, the gym (for my own workout), or my house. I need to get out more. 😉

My certifications:
CPR, Prestige Labs Master Supplementation Certification

3 Random Facts about Me:
I love fantasy and sci-fi books.

I’m an accounting major with a math minor. If you ever want to talk spreadsheets or calculus, let me know!

I believe the greatest dessert is vanilla ice cream. It’s the perfect base for just about anything.

Rhino Essentials:

Personal Training Kickstart

  • 6 One-On-One Personal Training Sessions
  • 1 One-On-One Goal Review Session
  • 3 Nutrition Coaching Sessions (optional-based on need/goals)
  • 3 One-On-One or Group CrossFit Foundations Sessions (optional-based on need/goals)



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