Boot Camp (All Access Members):
Boot Camp at Camp Rhino is one hour of sweat and sometimes tears. Our
Boot Camp classes will be different every day, but you can always expect one hour of high-intensity cardio and calisthenic exercises that build muscle endurance and mental toughness. Our Boot Camp will utilize free weights, ropes, Rhino red and black turf and obstacles including vertical walls, warped walls, monkey bars, tires, cargo nets, and much more. This class is ideal for anyone who is ready to put their heads to the ground for one hour of determination and growth.

Happy Hour Boot Camp (Open Gym Members and All Access Members): At any time between the hours of 1pm – 4pm (M, W, F), anyone can drop in and get an instructor-led and designed circuit workout! This program was designed for our “lunch hour” friends!

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  • Slam balls up to 30lb
  • Medicine balls up to 30 lb
  • Resistance bands
  • Weight sleds (2 Butchers & 2 Compact Pull Sleds)
  • Concept 2 Ski Erg
  • Concept 2 rowers
  • Atlas stones up to 115 lbs
  • “Flipping” tires up to 880lbs
  • Plyo boxes
  • Speed ropes/Jump ropes
  • Dip bars/stations
  • Assault bikes
  • GHDs
  • Ab Mats
  • Rogue Yoke
  • Farmer walk bars
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    Happy Hour Only
  • Intensity:
    10 of 10 (hardest class?)
  • Who is this for:
    All Adults