At CrossFit Rhino II (All Access Members): you get an exercise program specifically designed to use proper
Functional Movements in a high-intensity environment. Through movements
stemming from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, running, and rowing,
CrossFit is an ideal program for those who are trying to build muscle and burn fat. Our CrossFit program is planned to specifically challenge elite athletes as well as beginners. In one hour you get everything you
need: a warm-up that encourages flexibility & mobility, a strength
portion to encourage muscle mass and a “MetCon” (metabolic conditioning)
for muscle and cardio endurance. If your goal is to add functionality,
while building muscle and burning fat, CrossFit is perfect for you!
*Careful folks, it’s addictive!* Curious, read What is fitness?

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  • Multi station Crossfit rig
  • Standard, Bella, and training bars
  • Free weights to include Bumper plates, steel plates, Kettlebells up to 106lb (48kg), dumbells up to 110 lb (50kg)
  • Slam balls up to 30lb
  • Medicine balls up to 30 lb
  • Resistance bands
  • Weight sleds (2 Butchers & 2 Compact Pull Sleds)
  • Concept 2 Ski Erg
  • Concept 2 rowers
  • Atlas stones up to 115 lbs
  • “Flipping” tires up to 880lbs
  • Plyo boxes
  • Speed ropes/Jump ropes
  • Dip bars/stations
  • Assault bikes
  • GHDs
  • Rings (gymnastic rings)
  • Ab Mats
  • Rogue Yoke
  • Farmer walk bars
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    8 out of 10
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    All Adults