American Ninja Warrior (Open Gym Members and All Access Members):
American Ninja Warrior class will give you instruction to safely
experience the newest sports trend challenging athletes everywhere. In
our ANW classes, our coaches will teach you proper form on obstacles that
will challenge your body and mind. Whether the challenge is making it up
the 14’ warped wall, or to make a 6’ lache, our program will make sure
you have what it takes. Come chat with a coach who has been on the show
for some fresh, reliable insight!

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  • Vault boxes
  • Double salmon ladder
  • Angel steps (incline/decline monkey bars)
  • Laché bars
  • Climbing ropes
  • Vertical and horizontal spider climb
  • Vertical and horizontal peg board
  • 12′ warped wall
  • 14′ warped wall
  • 16′ warped wall
  • Vertical monkey bars
  • Assorted grip strength holds
  • Ring traverse
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