(Open Gym Members and All Access Members):
“OCR” or “Obstacle Course Racing” is a 3-hour class every Saturdayfrom
11-1 P.M.’ish that is designed to teach proper technique for obstacles!
Camp Rhino is proud to be the local training gym for Spartan Race Idaho,
and our Director of Training, Brian Whaley, is SGX2 certified. Our
coaches will go through step-by-step instruction on obstacles including:
rope climbs, vertical/warped/traverse walls, horizontal/vertical monkey
bars, spear throws and more. After direct instruction, practice time is
allotted to work on your new skills. Every Saturday at 1:30 P.M. a
practice obstacle race is created to utilize the skills that you have
learned while adding a race-like atmosphere. If you are training for an
Obstacle Course Race, get to this class today!

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Get ready to run, jump, and climbing over obstacles in your way:

  • Double sided traverse wall
  • Herculean/tire hoist
  • Climbing ropes
  • 4′ wall
  • 6′ wall
  • 7′ training wall
  • 8′ wall
  • 12′ wall
  • 12’ Inverted wall
  • 10’ Everest wall (Quarter Pipe)
  • Monkey bars
  • Carry logs
  • Log balance beams
  • Balance beams
  • Slack lines
  • Drag tires and sleds
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