Welcome to YOUR Rhino Essentials Starter program! Essentials is designed to be a short-term kickstart to your longer-term training program with us. In this program, your Personal Training will teach foundational movements and assess & correct form in order to set you up properly for the safest and best training of your life! After you’ve “graduated” this program is where the REAL fun begins – personalized, focused training that will help you CRUSH your goals – whatever they may be!

(pricing starts at $149)

Essentials consists of:

√ (6) 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions with a Personal Trainer selected specifically with your needs and goals in mind (required)

√ (3) Nutrition Sessions with our on-site Certified Nutritionist (optional)

√ (3) 1-on-1 or Group CrossFit Foundations Sessions with our Head CrossFit Coach (optional)

√ This program is designed based on YOUR needs, so whether you want to lose 15lbs, 100lbs, gain muscle, hike a mountain, be a competitive athlete or be able to keep up with your Grandkids – it is PERSONAL training, which means it is designed for YOU!


Personal Training

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Rhino Essentials: PT Kickstart

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Rhino CrossFit

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Group Fitness For Adults

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Group Fitness For Teens & Kids

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Nutrition Coaching

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