Exercise Benefits Not Related to Your Appearance

April 22, 2022
Exercise Benefits Not Related to Your Appearance

We’ve all known just how important exercise is when it comes to our appearance – losing weight, gaining muscle, “toning up,” etc… but what about all the other incredible benefits that don’t have anything to do with how we look?

Exercise improves your mood

Regular physical activity is linked to a decrease in feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. This is because of the increase of endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine (those happy hormones!) produced in the brain. This occurs for exercise of any intensity!

It increases your energy levels

Because exercise helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, it helps improve regular feelings of fatigue. So even on those days you may feel too tired, exercise may be just the energy boost you need!

It strengthens your immune system

Regular aerobic exercise is shown to help improve the function of our immune cells in our body. Depending on intensity, “the number of circulating immune cells can increase by 50% to nearly 400%” (BJU Today).

Exercise reduces chronic disease risk

Those who live an active lifestyle greatly reduce their risk of developing insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases. Excess weight and belly fat are tied to higher risk of chronic disease, so exercise helps mitigate this risk.

It improves memory and brain health

The improved circulation and oxygenation of the body from exercise helps stimulate healthy brain activity. Regular exercise is even linked to changes in the brain’s physical structure, thus improving it’s function.

There are so many more exercise benefits that we could discuss here, but these 5 are already motivation enough to get moving, and stay moving!

Do you have a regular exercise routine? If not, Camp Rhino is here to help! We have personal trainers and group fitness classes that can help keep you accountable to exercising consistently. Then, you can enjoy a change in your physical appearance AND all the benefits completely unrelated to looks.

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