Jenn's Story: Part 2 - When Someone Knows Your Soul

April 22, 2022
Jenn's Story: Part 2 - When Someone Knows Your Soul

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“My soul will find yours.” - Jude Deveraux

I'm lying on a Gurney in an ambulance. My favorite jeans have been cutoff me, and I'm strapped up to various machines, when my EMT, Mike, offers me my very first flight in a helicopter. I'd never dreamed of flying in a helicopter, but this was certainly not how I would have planned it.

ME: “No, I'm OK. I'll just go in the ambulance. I'm good.”

EMT: “Jenn, we need you to fly in the helicopter.”

ME: “Oh, that's OK. I'm good.”

EMT: “Jenn, you're flying in the helicopter.”

ME: “Oh, I really prefer not to.”

EMT: “Your husband says his chopper isn't leaving the ground until yours does.”

ME: “No, I really prefer not, but thank you.”

EMT: “Your husband said to do it for your daughter.”

ME: “OK. Fine.”

My husband knows my soul.


I want you to take a moment to think about a difficult time in your life. How did you get through it? Did you power through on your own? Did you lean on anyone around you for assistance? What tools did you use to get yourself either physically, mentally or emotionally through this difficult experience?

At Camp Rhino Boise, we try to always be a tool in your toolbelt. Everyone has a different relationship with their fitness and health. Some people are confident and strong in a gym environment and thrive when surrounded by like-minded people. Others struggle mentally with the habit-building and with consistency in their health routine. Others are mortally terrified of being in a gym to the point of being "stuck" in their car in the parking lot filled with fear. I know members who are their absolute best when they are here, and I know members who fill up with tears and stress at the idea of having to attend a class. We are all different.

One thing that is the same for each of us, though, is that our health is important to us, and to build it or maintain it we must develop strong healthy habits and routines. We can dodge physical activity, but doing that isn't going to bring us closer to the life we want to live.

That is where we come in.

Our goal is to know you. We want to know you so we can best help you.

In that moment in my story above, to get into that helicopter I needed something worth it for me. There aren't many things in my life that will convince me to do the hard things more than doing it "for my daughter". Any parent understands this.

So, relating to your health now... what is the hard thing you must do, and what is your WHY... your reason. What is that thing in your life that will get you to take the next step? I challenge you to take one step further today.

❤️ - Jenn

Part 3: Moment of Truth - COMING SOON

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