Brian Whaley

Brian Whaley

Personal Trainer; CrossFit Coach; Obstacle Specialist

Deadlift 385

Can squat again

Festivus Masters team 1st place

Running several Spartan races


CrossFit L1 & L2

Spartan SGX 1 & 2


CES (Corrective exercise specialist


About Coach

All my life I’ve been athletic. Played baseball and basketball through high school. I had a desk job and decided I needed a change. Every day felt like the movie Office Space. So I decided to get back into fitness and Coach and it’s been an amazing 10 years! One of my biggest obstacles as a coach was leading a group of 300+ Spartans in a group workout! After that I learned I could do anything. I also have degenerative knee syndrome. I’ve learned how to modify and strengthen my knees to be able to squat again without the need for knee replacement surgery!

Turning Point

I love sweets, especially peanut butter anything. My home was never built around healthy lifestyles and because of that I never ate good nutritious food. My mid-20s were one of my turning points. I myself went through a major transformation by losing 70 pounds. At my heaviest, I was 240 pounds!! What made me change was watching my dad go through. Triple bypass heart attack, his first one. At that point, I decided I needed to change or I would end up going through the same thing. I’ve also dealt with and battled depression, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Motivation & Passion

I love working with everybody from kids all the way up to seniors. It’s amazing to Coach people and watches them do things they never thought were possible.

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