Chris Orcutt

Chris Orcutt

Head Coach; Director of Trainers; Personal Trainer; CrossFit Coach

+367 UB Double unders - Hopeful to reach +500


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level II

CrossFit Specialty Course Gymnastics

'16 - '18 CrossFit Regionals Judge

'21 CrossFit Games Judge

'22 CrossFit Games Judge

Experience Coaching CrossFit - 10+ yrs

Experience CrossFit - 15+ yrs

About Coach

In February of '12, I received my CF - L1 Training Certificate to officially begin coaching. After a couple of opportunities fell through, I decided to transform a shop on my grandparent's farm into a garage gym. The knowledge and experience I gained during that season solidified my path. I found it was more fulfilling to teach CrossFit than it was to compete. I have worked with athletes (anyone who has a body is an athlete) of all capabilities. From athletes mastering muscle-ups to grandparents working on the stability needed to get up when they fall, anyone before my presence is deserving of good coaching. I firmly believe in meeting people where they're at, and working with them to conquer that next level of movement. The only thing that differentiates one athlete from another is the progression appropriate for that specific individual. I love finding that perfect progression that takes someone from basic functional movement to mastery. Double unders, muscle-ups, handstands, and all other gymnastic skills will always be my favorite to coach. Encouraging you as you reach your full potential is the best part of being a coach, and I am excited to champion you on your fitness journey.

Turning Point

"Labels are fables" Don't let something that was said about you define who you are. I was once accused of allowing someone to have poor form in my presence and not doing anything about it. It ultimately led to me being let go. I was hurt and confused because it simply wasn't true. Fast forward to now and I have members making me tee-shirts saying I am the "Form King", legitimately. Since that day I have never settled for anything less than someone's best effort!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to uplift those with who I am surrounded and entrusted with bettering their lives. My words come with a sense of authority but only with heartfelt intent. I fell in love with exercise at an early age and I have been on a mission to extend that same invitation to anyone I interact with since. The coach is the number 1 key ingredient to making someone believe that they are capable. I don't take that lightly and it's an honor to carry that amount of responsibility.

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