Darnisha Orcutt

Darnisha Orcutt

200hr Yoga Instructor

Clean 145lbs

50 double-unders unbroken

Overhead Squat 125lbs

5 kipping pull-ups


200 Registered Yoga Teacher

YogaBody Certified Science of Stretch Coach

ASHI First Aid & CPR Instructor

About Coach

I was athletic kiddo who played Club soccer and occasionally dabbled in other sports. I have always been competitive and found that I felt most comfortable playing sports or talking about sports. I’ve done CrossFit on and off for 12 years. I’ve practiced yoga on and off for years and really got reinvested in 2020. I also really love a good running plan and will slowly jog in good weather.

Turning Point

As a mom, wife, and non-profit director I really struggled to find my own mode of fitness that brought me joy, and I struggled with making the time to work out because all of my other roles were more important than my health. I couldn’t ever stay consistent in any sort of body movement. I was stressed at work, I had no outlet for that stress, and I had no ownership of my health or joy. My turning point was a session with my counselor where she challenged me to take my wellness seriously. Since then, I’ve joined the Rhino team, gotten a certification, and got my joy in lifting heavy weights and practicing yoga!

Motivation & Passion

I instruct stretch and teach yoga in the hopes that people will come, learn how to stretch, move better in their lives, and fall in love with all the ways that coming to your mat can change your mind and body.

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