Molly Fanlo

Molly Fanlo

Personal Trainer; Boot Camp/TRX Coach; RhinoKids Coach

Hip Thrust: 350lbs

Deadlift: 215

I’ve improved my squats by having to humble myself and go back down in weight and working on imbalances.


Kinesiology degree

NASM Personal Training Certification

NASM Nutrition Certification

About Coach

For the first several years of my athletic journey (post-high school sports), I was constantly chasing something that could make me feel like an athlete again after sports were over for me. I didn’t find that for quite some time until I had gone through numerous types of training. Finally, after finding functional fitness, I fell so in love again with the process of honing skills and the fulfillment that comes with it. I’ve learned in that process though, just how different we all are in our learning and adapting to new challenges. That’s one of the things that has brought me to start coaching. I will always make a point to meet people where they’re at!

Turning Point

Growing up I have always been very athletic, but due to moving around so much as a kid, I never got to be in team sports until high school. Not wanting to take that opportunity for granted, I put myself fully into Softball and Cheerleading. I stayed after 2hr practices every day to do extra drills and workouts because I wanted to be the best I could be. As it turns out, being completely new to a sport can be very frustrating (especially when everyone else has been doing it since they were 2). Nonetheless, I persevered and ended up getting what I really needed most from that experience; knowing that I am capable of learning and pushing myself to new levels that I never thought were possible. Though I didn’t win trophies like I expected to, I gained the respect of others for my hard work, but the respect for myself was the most valuable.

Motivation & Passion

I’m impassioned to serve those that are willing to show up and put the work in for themselves. My biggest goal is to help those that want and are willing to receive help in the form of letting me challenge them. I’ll always provide the tools to help you to get where you’re wanting to be and I will show up for you. I will never push you past your capabilities, so remember this when doubt sets in: you are so much more capable than you currently believe possible!

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