Susie Graham

Susie Graham

Client Success Coach; Science of Stretch Coach


ACE Certified Personal Trainer; Certified YogaBody Science of Stretch Coach

About Coach

I was born in Temple, TX, and moved all over the country, and Panama, due to my dad being in the army (4 siblings and I were born in 4 states and 5 cities). We finally landed in Boise, ID for the majority of my childhood then bounced between Utah and Idaho for my high school years and graduated from Wasatch High School in Heber City, UT in 2005. In junior high I played volleyball and basketball then in high school, I was in the rock climbing club. After high school I attended Southern Utah University in Cedar City, UT majoring in music education for a bit then went on my way to find a different career path. Moving around my whole life has made it easy to talk to anyone, anywhere, and about anything. Over a decade of life's challenges after high school I found my passion for nutrition and fitness bring me to the present of coaching at Camp Rhino! I LOVE Ninja Warrior as well and am training to win it one day!!

Turning Point

Several years after high school I ended up having Hodgkin's lymphoma and had to undergo 6 months of chemotherapy. Being an active person in a body that couldn't do much was very frustrating. I was sick and 100 pounds overweight in a body that I didn't recognize. I fought with myself wondering if it was worth the trouble to change; "It's too hard", I'll never move past this", and "I'm hopeless" were thoughts that constantly nagged me. Over time I was able to change habit after habit until I lost the extra 100 pounds and gain back much of my health that was lost to chemo. Working out regularly, having an extremely healthy diet, and getting sufficient sleep and self-care have made life exponentially better. The long-lasting health issues due to the chemo are kept at bay.

Motivation & Passion

I want to share the freedom of a healthy body and knowledge with people so I chose personal training as my career. It is so amazing to see people change their health for the better and I love being a part of that! I would like to specialize in weight management to help those that feel helpless get their life back, too:):)

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