5 Reasons Against Working Out with Your Partner (and 4 Better Ones in Favor!)

April 22, 2022
5 Reasons Against Working Out with Your Partner (and 4 Better Ones in Favor!)

Is it good for couples to work out together? Ahhh, love … anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows it requires a time commitment, good communication and preferably some common goals. They also know that working out together can be… what’s the word? Complicated.

Exercise can be a source of energy, joy and deeper connection in a relationship or it can be one of contention or frustration. Couples that exercise together have a special dynamic all their own – sometimes it works well and sometimes it does not.

In our gym we have LOTS of couples working out together regularly! Some work out together every day – others come at different times – and since we just ended February, the month of looooove, we want to honor their commitment, not only to their health, but to the health of their marriages and the lifelong benefits they receive by putting a focus on their physical and mental health – whether it is together or separate!

If you’ve ever thought of working out with your spouse, you may want to scan these pros and cons to make the decision that best suits your relationship!

PROS of working out together

CONS of working out together


If you prefer the private space of your own workout, keeping a separate fitness schedule from your partner will give each of you the “me” time you need so you can be better for yourselves and each other at the end of the day.

If you can power through any obstacles that may pop up in a healthy manner, working out with your partner can provide awesome benefits for both of you! You will enjoy your workouts, experience an extended bond as a couple and most likely stick to your health routines much longer together!

Here’s what our special RHINO COUPLES have to say about their fitness relationships with their partner:


Kim/Derek Ganong -

Pros: built in accountability buddy and guilt tripper

Built in cheerleader and hype man

We help keep each other honest with diet and consistency

Commiseration buddy when sore

Or injured

Cons: they see everything


Ranae/Marc Davison

Trenton/Cat Yates

Sam/Cassidy I. - Hi Jenn. Here's a pic of Seng pushing me around on the sled. We both really enjoy working out and the best way for us to do that together is to have one of your fantastic coaches be in charge of the workout. It keeps us from trying to boss each other around at the gym! It's also really cool to have someone to talk to about the workout on the way home who can relate.

Katie/Sam Dores

Stephanie/Will Holt

Brian/Karen Whaley

Keeley/Trevor Spielman

Lori/Robert Boyd

Dan/Shelly Milender

Jake/Kara Reed

Kim/Robert Minter

Jamae/Dayna Young -

Pros and cons to couple working out together (may be in a few messages if I think of more lol) some pros.. Similar to dance class


(miss that) it helps you work together and have something in common and in out case helps push me to work harder to see him smile at me and make him proud (as you know that can be a pro and a con


ie injuries) Helps couple create that shoulder to shoulder feeling that men crave too, and can help a woman feel loved when he shoulders more of the team effort or give her a boost over a wall. Just the vibe of encouragement and knowing he's proud of me for doing my best and celebrates with me as I get stronger and do things I have not been able to do in almost 20 years, or ever.

Cons... Shorter list im sure, the main one is personal goals are generally different and knowing what is best for you is not always what is best for the other and you do not want to feel like your holding your spouse back even though desire to always run at his side, I know that can be selfish. It is amazing though, there was a time I couldn't even run at all, let alone do monkey bars etc.


Rikki Hamilton/Janessa Miran

Laree/Chris Holladay - When I started this journey over 3 years ago to get healthy, to feel strong and loose weight, Chris was an instant "I'm in and here to support you!" I wanted something that would challenge me and push me outside of my element and CR continues to do that for me. I was so scared and unsure about walking into the gym and luckily I had my husband right there with me and encouraging me to follow through. He also admits when he feels pushed and unsure of himself but we are able to work together as a team and root each other on. It's been beneficial to have each other to workout out with. When I feel like I can't do it, or want to give up, Chris is right there telling me to push through it and that I can do it! He's right there with me and often will do the movement with me! We make a good team and can have fun working out with each other, tease one another, help each other and be a team. This journey really has brought us closer to each other, not only in the gym but outside the gym. Hopefully we model positive exercise and partnership to our kids too! I think they see it because they think it's so cool they have parents that sweat together and encourage each other!!


George/Kathy Morris

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