Does Consistency Matter?

April 22, 2022
Does Consistency Matter?

Anytime we’re trying to improve a skill, build strength, or lose weight, the phrase “consistency is key” comes into the picture. But it’s worth asking — does consistency matter when it comes to achieving your fitness goals?

Think of it like a savings account that you deposit into: Say you put $5 into that account every single day. After one week you only have $35, which doesn’t seem like much. Even after one month, you have $150… a decent amount but still not anything to rave about. But after an entire year? You would have $1,835! And $9,125 after 5 years, and $18,250 after 10 years.

Consistency builds results over time.

But let’s say you forget to deposit that $5 about three times each week on average. After 10 years, you’d only have $10,400… a difference of $7,850. 

You still saved a significant amount of money, but the end result was much less because of the lack of daily consistency. The same can be said with our health and fitness habits!

This is why we can’t be upset when we don’t see any results after a week or a month. It may take years for you to achieve the end goal you have in mind! But that’s okay, because after time our consistent actions build lasting habits that will continue even after our goal has been achieved.

Then before you know it, you are living the lifestyle of a healthy and fit person. But first you had to get started and continually take action every day.

So if you are feeling defeated because you aren’t hitting your weight loss or muscle gain goal, stop to ask yourself: “have I been consistent?” If the answer is no, figure out where the consistency needs improvement — perhaps its your training, possibly your nutrition. 

The good news is, Camp Rhino Boise/Caldwell can help with both. To learn about working with our coaches for Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching, schedule a free consult. Our team is passionate about making sure you keep showing up for yourself every day.

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