Keeping up with Fitness...but make it low-impact!

There's still a way to get a workout in without doing high-impact exercises! Here are 3 options to consider!
Sarah Troescher, Staff
January 22, 2024
Keeping up with Fitness...but make it low-impact!

I think it is safe to say that many of us have been in a place where we had an injury that prevented us from doing a higher impact workout; we couldn’t use our knees very well or our legs had a harder time handling our body weight than usual. 

But we still want to get the heart pumping and the workout in...but how?

Well, here are 3 lower-impact movements you can do here at Camp Rhino that keep you on track while also giving your body a break from higher impact activities like running or lifting. 

Rowing: Taking place in a seated position, the rower keeps you off the ground and easily increases heart rate with low-impact movement of legs and arms. Low impact doesn’t mean ineffective…rowing is a sure fire way to keep heart rate up!

Fan Bikes/Stationary Bike: Similarly to the rower, the bike is in a more upright position off the ground, and depending on the bike, uses both legs and arms for a full-body workout. Fan bikes are lung burners without a doubt, but they keep you nice and cool!  

Yoga & stretching!: While it may not increase your heart rate a lot, yoga and stretching are great ways to increase blood flow to the muscles. This is very low-impact and helps greatly with rest and recovery. It may seem deceiving, but an important part of keeping up fitness levels is taking rest seriously. So while the heart isn’t flying out of your chest, know that it is working to keep you healthy when you stretch.

Done are the days when nagging little injuries get in the way of your overall health.

..unless the doctor says not to! Then DON'T workout, and PLEASE listen to them!! :)

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