Sharing Our Stories

April 22, 2022
Sharing Our Stories

When we first opened Camp Rhino Boise, I used to share the story of my auto accident often. Every new face that walked in our door heard me tell it in a meeting room with 5 to sometimes 30 people at a time. I shared it because it was the catalyst to all of the reasons we opened this gym in the first place. I also shared it because it helped me connect and build relationships with our new members.

That accident was such a pivotal time in my life - in my health - and it connected with people. In every single room I told it, there would be listeners nodding their heads in agreeance and often times wiping away a tear or two. I would hand out tissue, we would go around the room and other's would tell their own stories. Some would laugh and many would cry, and we would feel each other's struggles and empathize, because we knew. We understood each other.

We understood because MANY people have experienced trauma, pain and injury. And even if you haven't, many of us, at one point in our lives, have suffered from anxiety, depression, addiction, low self-worth... the list could go on. And when we tell our truth to others - it opens up an opportunity to connect.

I think if you ask many of the members in our gym what makes Camp Rhino Boise special, somewhere in their answers would be the connection they've made to the others around them. This connection is possible because they have shared many things together in our building... struggles, fears, wins, losses, sweat and tears... they've shared their health paths and their personal stories. They've developed friendships, some that will last forever.

And this is why we share... and this is why I know it is the right time to share again.

As one of the owner's here at Camp Rhino Boise, I want each of you to know that this place is special. Every person that walks in our doors has their own health journey, and I want to encourage you to get to know each other. You will hear stories of struggle, growth and strength. To some you will relate and from others you will learn something new. Some will inspire you and some you will inspire. But each story will bring an opportunity for connection. I hope you take it.

I'll start.

❤️ Jenn

Part 2: Coming soon.

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