April 22, 2022

Josie has two kids, a spouse, and a full time job. She feels like she can barely go to the bathroom alone. Especially now that her kids are schooling from home.

Joe is a lawyer. He works long hours, sometimes weekends, and likes to spend time with family, but doesn't get enough of it. He wakes up early and goes to bed late, and he usually forgets to eat.

Sam has elderly parents that require a lot of care and attention. She brings them to doctor's appointments and checks in often. By the end of her work day and assisting in her parent's care, she is exhausted.

I bet you’re one of the above in some form. We all have a lot going on and give a lot. Have you ever used the excuse that you "don't have the time to work out/eat right/get sunlight, etc?" Of course you have - almost all of us have!

The airlines have it right when it comes to self care. When the plane hits turbulence, masks deploy. You put your own mask on before helping others. Any other way and you won’t be able to help others. 

Likewise, putting your health and fitness, your engine, on the back burner will leave you sputtering. At some point you’ll be, quite literally, gasping for air. 

When was the last time you took time to evaluate your self care practices? 

What does your exercise routine look like? Did you quit the gym because you "couldn't find the time"? Block a specific time in your schedule like a doctor appointment. Get back on board. It’s not too late. (At Camp Rhino Boise | Rhino CrossFit II, we have 40 classes to choose from each week including Boot Camp, CrossFit, Stretch and TRX, as well as Personal Training available for all fitness levels! Reach out to get started here!

Do you have a solid exercise schedule? What does your recovery look like? After all, we exercise to recover and the gains we see from the gym come when we rest. Schedule an FST session, massage, stretch class or quiet time. Block it off. Make it an appointment. Then show up for it. For you.

What does your diet look like? Does it need a little cleaning up? Mix a healthy meal in as often as you can. Start with one and go from there. Need some guidance? We can help!

It’s so easy to brush off self care, especially during the holiday season. Our schedules are full, parties are abundant, stress is high. But now, more than ever, it’s important to embrace self care. Increasing physical activity, decreasing mental stress, and being intentional with healthy eating is vital to supporting mental and physical health and staving off illness and recuperating faster if we fall ill. 

ACTION STEP: Pull your planner out right now. Make an appointment with yourself for a workout, some healthy recovery time or a healthy meal, whichever one of these you currently need most. And show up for your appointment!

Be better at life by being better to yourself first. 

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